College Accounting: A Practical Approach 14th Edition

College Accounting: A Practical Approach (14th Edition)

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College Accounting: A Practical Approach (14th Edition)

Book Edition14th Edition
Author(s)Slater, Deschamps
Alternate ISBN(s)9780134730226
PublisherPearson Higher Education

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  1. Chapter 1Accounting Concepts and Procedures

  2. Chapter 2Debits and Credits: Analyzing and Recording Business Transactions

  3. Chapter 3Beginning the Accounting Cycle

  4. Chapter 4The Accounting Cycle Continued

  5. Chapter 5The Accounting Cycle Completed

  6. Chapter 6Banking Procedures And Control of Cash

  7. Chapter 7Calculating Pay and Recording Payroll Taxes: The Beginning of the Payroll Process

  8. Chapter 8Paying the Payroll,Depositing Payroll Taxes, & Filing Req. Quart. & Annual Tax Forms: Conc. of Payroll Process

  9. Chapter 9Sales and Cash Receipts in a Perpetual Inventory System

  10. Chapter 10Purchases and Cash Payments in a Perpetual Inventory System

  11. Chapter 11Preparing a Worksheet for a Merchandise Company using the Perpetual Method

  12. Chapter 12Completion of the Accounting Cycle for a Merchandise Company Using the Perpetual Inventory Method

  13. Chapter 13Accounting for Bad Debts

  14. Chapter 14Notes Receivable and Notes Payable

  15. Chapter 15Accounting for Merchandise Inventory

  16. Chapter 16Accounting for Property,Plant, Equipment,and Intangible Assets

  17. Chapter 17Partnership

  18. Chapter 18Corporations:Organizations and Stock

  19. Chapter 19Values, Dividends,Treasury Stocks, and Retained Earnings

  20. Chapter 20Corporations and Bonds Payable

  21. Chapter 21Statement of Cash Flows

  22. Chapter 22Analyzing Financial Statements

  23. Chapter 23 The Voucher System

  24. Chapter 24Departmental Accounting

  25. Chapter 25Manufacturing Accounting

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