College Physics: A Strategic Approach 4th Edition

College Physics: A Strategic Approach (4th Edition)

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College Physics: A Strategic Approach (4th Edition)

Book Edition4th Edition
Author(s)Jones, Knight
Alternate ISBN(s)9780321907165
PublisherPearson Higher Education

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  1. Chapter 1Representing Motion

  2. Chapter 2Motion in One Dimension

  3. Chapter 3Vectors and Motion in Two Dimensions

  4. Chapter 4Forces and Newton's Law of Motion

  5. Chapter 5Applying Newton's Law

  6. Chapter 6Circular Motion, Orbit, and Gravity

  7. Chapter 7Rotational Motion

  8. Chapter 8Equilibrium and Elasticity

  9. Chapter 9Momentum

  10. Chapter 10Energy and Work

  11. Chapter 11Using Energy

  12. Chapter 12Thermal Properties of Matter

  13. Chapter 13Fluids

  14. Chapter 14Oscillations

  15. Chapter 15Traveling Waves and Sound

  16. Chapter 16Superposition and Standing Waves

  17. Chapter 17Wave Optics

  18. Chapter 18Ray Optics

  19. Chapter 19Optical Instrumentations

  20. Chapter 20Electric Fields and Forces

  21. Chapter 21Electric Potential

  22. Chapter 22Current and Resistance

  23. Chapter 23Circuits

  24. Chapter 24Magnetic Fields and Forces

  25. Chapter 25EM Induction and EM Waves

  26. Chapter 26AC Electricity

  27. Chapter 27Relativity

  28. Chapter 28Quantum Physics

  29. Chapter 29Atoms and Molecules

  30. Chapter 30Nuclear Physics