CompTIA A+ Guide to IT Technical Support 10th Edition

CompTIA A+ Guide to IT Technical Support (10th Edition)

CompTIA A+ Guide to IT Technical Support (10th Edition)

Book Edition10th Edition
Alternate ISBN(s)9780357108369
SubjectComputer Science

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  1. Chapter 1Taking a Computer Apart and Putting It Back Together

  2. Chapter 2All about Motherboards

  3. Chapter 3Supporting Processors and Upgrading Memory

  4. Chapter 4Supporting the Power System and Troubleshooting Computers

  5. Chapter 5Supporting Hard Drives and Other Storage Devices

  6. Chapter 6Supporting I/O Devices

  7. Chapter 7Setting Up a Local Network

  8. Chapter 8Network Infrastructure and Troubleshooting

  9. Chapter 9Supporting Mobile Devices

  10. Chapter 10Virtualization, Cloud Computing,and Printers

  11. Chapter 11Windows Versions and Customer Service

  12. Chapter 12Installing Windows

  13. Chapter 13Maintaining Windows

  14. Chapter 14Troubleshooting Windows After Startup

  15. Chapter 15Troubleshooting Windows Startup

  16. Chapter 16Securing and Sharing Windows Resources

  17. Chapter 17Security Strategies and Documentation

  18. Chapter 18macOS, Linux, and Scripting

  19. Chapter AASafety Procedures and Environmental Concerns