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Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy 14th Edition

Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy (14th Edition)

Book Edition14th Edition
Author(s)Hawkins, Mothersbaugh

Chapter 7, TYPES OF GROUPS , Critical Thinking Questions1, Exercise 1

Page 222


Seeding is a marketing technique used to spread awareness about a product or service by firstly offering that to the influential individuals present in the target consumer market. These individuals promote the products and service by giving reviews or by participating in marketing campaigns of the company. 


Companies consider seeding strategy to be more beneficial and effective. This is because customers follow the actions, behavior, and advice of influential members or opinion leaders present in society. Also, this strategy accelerates the process of spreading brand awareness. Different influential members convince the customers belonging to different customer segments.

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Seeding refers to a marketing strategy whereby companies offer free samples of the new products to influential members of certain social groups. These members are approached to share reviews and information within their groups. This marketing strategy is effective as consumers tend to trust opinion leaders and influential members.  

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Page 222