Cutnell Johnson Physics 11th Edition

Cutnell Johnson Physics (11th Edition)

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Cutnell Johnson Physics (11th Edition)

Book Edition11th Edition
Author(s)Young, Stadler
Alternate ISBN(s)9781119391869, 9781119394112
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons

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  1. Chapter 1Introduction and Mathematical Concepts

  2. Chapter 2Kinematics in One Dimension

  3. Chapter 3Kinematics and Two Dimensions

  4. Chapter 4Forces and Newton's Law of Motion

  5. Chapter 5Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion

  6. Chapter 6Work and Energy

  7. Chapter 7Impulse and Momentum

  8. Chapter 8Rotational Kinematics

  9. Chapter 9Rotational Dynamics

  10. Chapter 10Simple Harmonic Motion and Elasticity

  11. Chapter 11Fluids

  12. Chapter 12Temperature and Heat

  13. Chapter 13The Transfer of Heat

  14. Chapter 14The Ideal Gas Law and Kinetic Theory

  15. Chapter 15Thermodynamics

  16. Chapter 16Waves and Sound

  17. Chapter 17The Principal of Linear Superposition and Interference Phenomena

  18. Chapter 18Electric Forces and Electric Fields

  19. Chapter 19Electric Potential Energy and the Electric Potential

  20. Chapter 20Electric Circuits

  21. Chapter 21Magnetic Forces and Magnetic Fields

  22. Chapter 22Electromagnetic Induction

  23. Chapter 23Alternating Current Circuits

  24. Chapter 24Electromagnetic Waves

  25. Chapter 25The Reflection of Light: Mirrors

  26. Chapter 26The Refraction of Light: Lenses and Optical Instruments

  27. Chapter 27Interference and the Wave Nature of Light

  28. Chapter 28Special Relativity

  29. Chapter 29Particles and Waves

  30. Chapter 30The Nature of then Atoms

  31. Chapter 31Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity

  32. Chapter 32Ionizing Radiation, Nuclear Energy, and Elementary Particles