Discovering Psychology  8th Edition

Discovering Psychology (8th Edition)

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Discovering Psychology (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
Author(s)Hockenbury, Hockenbury
Alternate ISBN(s)9781319136390
PublisherMacmillan Publishing, Inc

Textbook Summary

Psychology is a large, and often abstract subject. But despite that, Discovering Psychology 8th Edition answers the complexity with a carefully written text that gives a detailed and thorough introduction to the field of psychology. To help students learn and retain the relevant material, each chapter begins with an outline that previews the key themes that will be covered, while also providing Chapter Review sections that go over the key terms and people mentioned throughout the chapter.

And if that isn’t enough built into the text itself, it is also closely integrated with Launchpad, an online platform filled with video examples, additional learning resources, and interactive exercises to help expand your understanding of the subject matter. Each chapter includes references to relevant Launchpad activities to bring the concepts to life and give them tangible applications that put the lessons into real-life contexts.

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Like many of the other social sciences, psychology doesn’t lend itself very well to a straightforward answer key. But just because it isn’t a list of exact answers doesn’t mean our Discovering Psychology answers can’t help you. Our study guide will help you explore the concepts and practice problems in the text, so you can develop a stronger understanding through each chapter. And true to the text, we’ll go through each problem step-by-step with our Discovering Psychology 8th Edition solutions manual, so you can develop the critical thinking skills needed to figure out the solutions on your own.

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