Ecology: Concepts and Applications 8th Edition

Ecology: Concepts and Applications (8th Edition)

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Ecology: Concepts and Applications (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
Alternate ISBN(s)9781259880056, 9781260136951

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  1. Chapter 1Introduction to Ecology: Historical Foundations and Developing Frontiers

  2. Chapter 2Life on Land

  3. Chapter 3Life in Water

  4. Chapter 4Population Genetics and Natural Selection

  5. Chapter 5Temperature Relations

  6. Chapter 6Water Relations

  7. Chapter 7Energy and Nutrient Relations

  8. Chapter 8Social Relations

  9. Chapter 9Population Distribution and Abundance

  10. Chapter 10Population Dynamics

  11. Chapter 11Population Growth

  12. Chapter 12Life Histories

  13. Chapter 13Species Interactions and Competition

  14. Chapter 14Exploitative Interactions: Predation, Herbivory, Parasitism, and Disease

  15. Chapter 15Mutualism

  16. Chapter 16Species Abundance and Diversity

  17. Chapter 17Species Interactions and Community Structure

  18. Chapter 18Primary and Secondary Production

  19. Chapter 19Nutrient Cycling and Retention

  20. Chapter 20Succession and Stability

  21. Chapter 21Landscape Ecology

  22. Chapter 22Geographic Ecology

  23. Chapter 23Global Ecology

  24. Chapter AAppendix A Investigating the Evidence