Ecology: The Economy of Nature 8th Edition

Ecology: The Economy of Nature (8th Edition)

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Ecology: The Economy of Nature (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
Author(s)Relyea, Ricklefs

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  1. Chapter 1Introduction: Ecology, Evolution, and Scientific Method

  2. Chapter 2Adaptations to Aquatic Environments

  3. Chapter 3Adaptations To Terrestrial Environments

  4. Chapter 4Adaptations to Variable Environments

  5. Chapter 5Climates and Soils

  6. Chapter 6Terrestrial and Aquatic Biomes

  7. Chapter 7Evolution and Adaptation

  8. Chapter 8Life Histories

  9. Chapter 9Reproductive Strategies

  10. Chapter 10Social Behaviors

  11. Chapter 11Population Distributions

  12. Chapter 12Population Growth and Regulation

  13. Chapter 13Population Dynamics over Space and Time

  14. Chapter 14Predation and Herbivory

  15. Chapter 15Parasitism and Infectious Diseases

  16. Chapter 16Competition

  17. Chapter 17Mutualism

  18. Chapter 18Community Structure

  19. Chapter 19Community Succession

  20. Chapter 20Movement of Energy in EcoSystems

  21. Chapter 21Movement of Elements in Ecosystems

  22. Chapter 22Landscape Ecology And Global Biodiversity

  23. Chapter 23Conservation of Global Biodiversity