Elementary Statistics 13th Edition

Elementary Statistics (13th Edition)

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Elementary Statistics (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
Alternate ISBN(s)9780134463063, 9780321470409
PublisherPearson Higher Education
SubjectStatistics and Probability

Textbook Summary

If you’re new to the field and intimidated by numbers, formulae, and everything else involved, never fear—it’s elementary, my dear aspiring statistician, with Elementary Statistics (13th Edition). Solutions to all of your difficulties in learning the field can be found between these covers in a text that explores stats from every angle, explaining the proper uses—and improper misuses—of statistics, testing differences, sampling, simulation, and a whole lot more.

For both instructors and students, this resource is invaluable, using easy-to-understand language and plenty of example exercises to illustrate the concepts covered within. Whether you’re taking the class to fulfill a math requirement or as an introduction to further courses that will help you research in the social or hard sciences, the 13th Edition of Elementary Statistics is the textbook you need.

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