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Enhanced Discovering Computers 1st Edition

Enhanced Discovering Computers (1st Edition)

Enhanced Discovering Computers (1st Edition)

Book Edition1st Edition
Author(s)Sebok, Vermaat
Alternate ISBN(s)9781305657458
PublisherCengage Learning
SubjectComputer Science

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  1. Chapter SCTPSucceeding in this Course: Tips and Pointers

  2. Chapter 1Introducing Today's Technologies: Computers, Devices, and the Web

  3. Chapter 2CONNECTING AND COMMUNICATING ONLINE: The Internet, Websites, and Media

  4. Chapter 3COMPUTERS AND MOBILE DEVICES: Evaluating Options for Home and Work

  5. Chapter 4PROGRAMS AND APPS: Productivity, Graphics, Security, and Other Tools

  6. Chapter 5DIGITAL SECURITY, ETHICS, AND PRIVACY: Threats, Issues, and Defenses

  7. Chapter 6COMPUTING COMPONENTS: Processors, Memory, the Cloud, and More

  8. Chapter 7INPUT AND OUTPUT: Extending Capabilities of Computers and Mobile Devices

  9. Chapter 8DIGITAL STORAGE: Preserving Content Locally and on the Cloud

  10. Chapter 9OPERATING SYSTEMS: Managing Coordinating, and Monitoring Resources

  11. Chapter 10Communication Digital Content: Wired and Wireless Networks and Devices

  12. Chapter 11BUILDING SOLUTIONS: Database, System, and Application Development Tools

  13. Chapter 12WORKING IN THE ENTERPRISE: Systems, Certification, and Careers

  14. Chapter FOFocus On: Web Development