Entrepreneurial Finance 7th Edition

Entrepreneurial Finance (7th Edition)

Entrepreneurial Finance (7th Edition)

Book Edition7th Edition
Author(s)Leach, Melicher

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  1. Chapter 1Introduction to Finance for Entrepreneurs

  2. Chapter 2Developing the Business Idea

  3. Chapter 3Organising and Financing a New Venture

  4. Chapter 4Preparing and Using Financial Statements

  5. Chapter 4AAppendix A NOPAT Breakeven: Revenues Needed to Cover Total Operating Cost

  6. Chapter 5Evaluating Operating and Financial Performance

  7. Chapter 6Managing Cash Flow

  8. Chapter 7Types and Cost of Financial Capital

  9. Chapter 7A Using WACC to Complete the Calibration of EVA

  10. Chapter 8Securities Law Considerations When Obtaining Venture Financing

  11. Chapter 8BAppendix B - Selected SEC Regulation D Materials

  12. Chapter 9Projecting Financial Statements

  13. Chapter 10Valuing Early-Stage Ventures

  14. Chapter 11Venture Capital Valuation Methods

  15. Chapter 12Professional Venture Capital

  16. Chapter 13Other Financing Alternatives

  17. Chapter 14Security Structures and Determining Enterprise Values

  18. Chapter 14BApplication of Black- Scholes Option-Pricing Formula

  19. Chapter 15Harvesting the Business Venture Investment

  20. Chapter 16Financially Troubled Ventures: Turnaround Opportunities

  21. Chapter C1Capstone Cases1 Eco-Products, Inc.

  22. Chapter C2Capstone Cases 2 Spatial Technology, Inc.