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Essentials of MIS 13th Edition

Essentials of MIS (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
PublisherPearson Higher Education
SubjectComputer Science
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Chapter 10, End of Chapter, Discussion Questions, Exercise 10-7

Page 384


In the present competitive environment, providers should progressively offer buyers an assortment of items and administrations offering mass customization and personalization without expanded conveyance times. Be that as it may, conveyance execution relies upon various variables, for example, completed parts stock levels and work-in-progress. Providers can follow these variables economically using data frameworks.  


The Internet changes data thickness accessible to shoppers. Price transparency and cost transparency disturb the typical relationship between providers and buyers, giving purchasers more capacity to control costs. Then again, the Internet gives providers more value segregation over purchasers. Providers and purchasers can manage each other straightforwardly over the Internet and cause disintermediation for the conventional mediator.

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One clear change is that shoppers can investigate items and services on the web and afterward make their buys on the Internet. As the Internet builds the wealth and scope of data that is accessible, it shrinks data imbalance.  


The Internet is answerable for making new plans of action and advancing client-focused retailing, direct deals over the Web, intuitive showcasing and personalization, e-commerce, and client self-service. 

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Page 384