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Essentials of MIS 13th Edition

Essentials of MIS (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
PublisherPearson Higher Education
SubjectComputer Science
Video Conferencing: Something for Everyone
Interview Questions
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Achieving Operational Excellence: Using Internet Software to Plan Efficient Transportation Routes

Chapter 2, Video Conferencing: Something for Everyone, CASE STUDY QUESTIONS, Exercise 1

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The Cisco Telepresence IX5000 Series is the business' first H.265 triple-screen item. It requires zero room remediation and takes less installation time, power, and data transfer capacity of existing items for better TCO and quicker deployment. 



  • Rich interactive media usefulness of the Cisco Telepresence IX5000 Series offers distinctive encounters.  
  • Rich mixed media experience with top-notch video and theater-quality sound  
  • Industry-first help for H.265 on a triple-screen item  
  • Members can share numerous substance sources on three 70-inch LCD screens  
  • 4K cameras can "unskew" video pictures in whiteboard mode for distant members, permitting an adaptable whiteboard situation.  
  • Stand-up mode allows members to move about the room.

Verified Answer

  • It provides leading-edge telepresence.
  • It is affordable and simpler to utilize.
  • It is sleekly sculpted including three 4K ultra-high definition cameras over three 70 inch LCD screens.
  • The 18 custom speakers and a subwoofer provides sound like theatre quality.

Cisco's IX5000 has cameras that provide crisp, high definition video.

It creates a larger image and cropped image for the participants that are seated behind the tables. The graphical processors enable users to move around. It consumes less power and low installation time.


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