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Essentials of MIS 13th Edition

Essentials of MIS (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
PublisherPearson Higher Education
SubjectComputer Science
Volkswagen Pollutes Its Reputation with Software to Evade Emissions Testing

Chapter 4, Volkswagen Pollutes Its Reputation with Software to Evade Emissions Testing, CASE STUDY QUESTIONS, Exercise 1

Page 141


The Volkswagen emanation cheating crisis certainly represents a moral quandary. There were two solutions accessible to Volkswagen. They could either attempt to conceal the way that their diesel vehicle couldn't finish the discharge assessment or essentially let it out and trust that better innovation will create.  

Concealing it would profit the financial specialists incredibly as they will see a quick expansion in benefit while holding up a couple of more years would profit the climate significantly however would see an enormous drop in Volkswagen's offer cost. This is an attribute of a moral predicament which demonstrates that the Volkswagen outflow bamboozling emergency represents a moral quandary.  


The partners are the speculator as this issue straightforwardly influenced their benefit, in such a case that the vehicles had the option to pass the emission test while keeping up good execution it would mean expanded deals accordingly raising the cost of Volkswagen's offer.

Sample Response

The Volkswagen emission cheating crisis represents a moral dilemma. That is on the grounds that Volkswagen has two options which are to either contaminate the environment to profit their organization or ensure the environment however to let Toyota is in front of them as the biggest automaker. A moral predicament is a decision between two choices, every decision prompts either moral or dishonest circumstances. For this situation, Volkswagen chooses the deceptive decision as they center to expand income and sidestep Toyota as the biggest automaker.  


They lie to their clients/government and pollute the environment with their "green" diesel. This deceptive decision benefits Volkswagen as they had the option to acquire deals and picking up in benefit yet harming the environment over the long haul. The stakeholders by the harm brought about by Volkswagen would be the directors, workers, customers, businesses, and speculators.

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Page 141