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Essentials of MIS 13th Edition

Essentials of MIS (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
PublisherPearson Higher Education
SubjectComputer Science
WannaCry and the SWIFT System Hacking Attacks: Theft on a Worldwide Scale
How Secure Is BYOD?
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Chapter 8, WannaCry and the SWIFT System Hacking Attacks: Theft on a Worldwide Scale, CASE STUDY QUESTIONS, Exercise 1

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  • The security flaw exploited in WannaCry was found in the Server Message Block protocol implementation of Windows. WannaCry attempted to encrypt the essential formats, Office files, image files, important documents leaving them stolen, the application code inserted in Windows was easy to examine. 
  • The SMB protocol allows multiple networks to connect by executing codes. Microsoft released a patch for rehabilitation following this occurrence, but several networks were impacted.
  • In order to rob the money from their account, Fast System Assault was a security threat where the hackers seized possession of the system network. 
  • They attempted to rob millions of dollars from Russian and Indian banks (around $6 million). Through inserting malicious messages via hacking networks, they attacked the SWIFT network. In order to resolve such ransomware threats, the Quick company is now connected to the BAE system and Fox IT to build a successful safety plan.

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A severe ransomware assault was a WannaCry hacking attack that spread through multiple computer networks in more than 140 countries in May 2017. It was one of the most destructive ransomware attacks globally, contributing to a loss of nearly $4 billion. It was a worm that by breaching Windows computers, encrypts a user's file, encrypts file on a hard disc, blocks entry and requires the user to pay such a heavy amount of bitcoins in order to decrypt the device.

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