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Essentials of MIS 13th Edition

Essentials of MIS (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
PublisherPearson Higher Education
SubjectComputer Science
Logistics and Transportation Management at LG Electronics

Chapter 9, Logistics and Transportation Management at LG Electronics, CASE STUDY QUESTIONS, Exercise 1

Page 327


Supply chain management is the administration of the progression of merchandise and ventures and incorporates all processes that change crude materials into final outcomes. It includes the active streamlining out of a business' supply-side exercises to boost client worth and gain a competitive benefit in the marketplace.

SCM implies overseeing costs at each progression and conveying products to buyers as fast as could reasonably be expected. It expects that each product that is available to be purchased exists in view of the different members in the supply chain.

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The vast majority of its transportation needs were moved to third-party logistics(3PL) suppliers. Inside information and skill were nonexistent. Subject to their 3PL suppliers, supervisors had practically zero power over transportation arranging.  


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Page 327