Evolutionary Analysis 5th Edition

Evolutionary Analysis (5th Edition)

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Evolutionary Analysis (5th Edition)

Book Edition5th Edition
Author(s)Herron, Freeman
Alternate ISBN(s)9781292061276

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  1. Chapter 1A Case For Evolutionary Thinking: Understanding HIV

  2. Chapter 2The Pattern of Evolution

  3. Chapter 3Evolution by Natural Selection

  4. Chapter 4Estimating Evolutionary Trees

  5. Chapter 5Variation Among Individuals

  6. Chapter 6Mendelian Genetics in Populations I: Selection and Mutation

  7. Chapter 7Mendelian Genetics In Populations II: Migration, Drift, and Nonrandom Mating

  8. Chapter 8Evolution at Multiple Loci: Linkage and Sex

  9. Chapter 9Evolution at Multiple Loci: Quantitative Genetics

  10. Chapter 10Studying Adaptation: Evolutionary Analysis of Form and Function

  11. Chapter 11Sexual Selection

  12. Chapter 12The Evolution of Social Behavior

  13. Chapter 13Aging and Other Life-History Characters

  14. Chapter 14Evolution and Human Health

  15. Chapter 15Genome Evolution and The Molecular Basis of Adaptation

  16. Chapter 16Mechanism of Speciation

  17. Chapter 17The Origins of Life and Precambrian Evolution

  18. Chapter 18Evolution and The Fossil Record

  19. Chapter 19Development and Evolution

  20. Chapter 20Human Evolution