Excursions in Modern Mathematics 9th Edition

Excursions in Modern Mathematics (9th Edition)

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Excursions in Modern Mathematics (9th Edition)

Book Edition9th Edition
Alternate ISBN(s)9780134469041
PublisherPearson Higher Education

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  1. Chapter 1The Mathematics of Elections The Paradoxes of Democracy

  2. Chapter 2The Mathematics of Power Weighted Voting

  3. Chapter 3The Mathematics of Sharing Fair-Division Games

  4. Chapter 4The Mathematics of Apportionment Making the Rounds

  5. Chapter 5The Mathematics of Getting Around Euler Paths and Circuits

  6. Chapter 6The Mathematics of Touring Traveling Salesman Problems

  7. Chapter 7The Mathematics of Networks The Cost of Being Connected

  8. Chapter 8The Mathematics of Scheduling Chasing the Critical Path

  9. Chapter 9Population Growth Models There Is Strength in Numbers

  10. Chapter 10Financial Mathematics Money Matters

  11. Chapter 11The Mathematics of Symmetry Beyond Reflection

  12. Chapter 12Fractal Geometry: The Kinky Nature of Nature

  13. Chapter 13Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio Tales of Rabbits and Gnomons

  14. Chapter 14Censuses, Surveys, Polls, and Studies The Joys of Collecting Data

  15. Chapter 15Graphs, Charts, and Numbers The Data Show and Tell

  16. Chapter 16Probabilities, Odds, and Expectations Measuring Uncertainty and Risk

  17. Chapter 17The Mathematics of Normality The Call of the Bell