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Financial Accounting 5th Edition

Financial Accounting (5th Edition)

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Financial Accounting (5th Edition)

Book Edition5th Edition
Author(s)Spiceland, Thomas, Herrmann
Alternate ISBN(s)9780078110825, 9781260159653
PublisherMcGraw-Hill, Inc.

Textbook Summary

Armed with the Financial Accounting (5th Edition) answers the textbook brings you, you’ll succeed in learning the advanced principles of the field. Developed for accounting majors and non-majors alike, the 5th Edition of Financial Accounting takes students on a journey by using a continuing problem that runs throughout the text, allowing practical application of new terms to a long-term scenario.

Written conversationally rather than technically, Financial Accounting‘s 5th Edition integrates changes suggested by more than 300 reviewers, along with focus groups and students who used the first edition of the textbook. The book begins with a chapter reviewing Accounting Information and Decision Making before jumping right in to financial applications for accounting principles, covering everything from the Time Value of Money to accounts receivable and payable.

For students who do better by the book than the lecture, Financial Accounting solutions to review activities help make sure you’re on the right track. This book is a business student’s best friend.

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If you have questions regarding Financial Accounting (5th Edition), solutions are right at your fingertips. Accounting, even more than many business disciplines, requires a lot of hands-on learning and getting in the right mindset to make the numbers work—the best way to be sure you’re getting it is to have not only the right answers to check your results, but thorough explanations of how to get those right answers for the next time.

With our Financial Accounting solutions, our community of educators, students, and contributors expands the resources of the textbook itself, giving you even more to learn. Go beyond the lectures and the words on the page.

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