Financial Accounting 9th Edition

Financial Accounting (9th Edition)

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Financial Accounting (9th Edition)

Book Edition9th Edition
Author(s)Kimmel, Weygandt
Alternate ISBN(s)9781118338438
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons

Textbook Summary

In order to be successful in accounting, you need a keen attention to detail and also a strong foundation of the core concepts in the subject. Financial Accounting 9th Edition answers the need to help students develop these skills and gain the knowledge they need to thrive. But more than just going into extreme detail of each topic, the text is filled with detailed visuals, enhanced practice material, and detailed learning resources both in the text and online. Each chapter covers core topics in the field, including the accounting cycle, liabilities, and fraud and internal control.

This edition of the text also integrates with the WileyPlus online platform with even more material to help you learn the subjects in each chapter and help you discover Financial Accounting solutions on your own.

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At its core, accounting is just like any other math subject: precisely logical and with a great emphasis on finding the single, right answer. But in order to get Financial Accounting answers, you need to know the core concepts and calculations for the right situations. And whether you’re accounting for inventories or merchandising operations, our study guide will help you sort through all of the calculations covered and help you learn how to arrive at the right solution. We’ll even help you work through the practice problems on the WileyPlus platform, so you’ll have all the Financial Accounting 9th Edition textbook solutions you need.

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