Financial & Managerial Accounting for Undergraduates 2nd Edition

Financial & Managerial Accounting for Undergraduates (2nd Edition)

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Financial & Managerial Accounting for Undergraduates (2nd Edition)

Book Edition2nd Edition
PublisherCambridge UP

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  1. Chapter 1Financial Accounting and Business Decisions

  2. Chapter 2Processing Accounting Information

  3. Chapter 3Accrual Basis of Accounting

  4. Chapter 4Understanding Financial Statements

  5. Chapter 5Accounting for Merchandising Operations

  6. Chapter 6Accounting for Inventory

  7. Chapter 7Internal Control and Cash

  8. Chapter 8Accounting for Receivables

  9. Chapter 9Accounting for Long-Lived and Intangible Assets

  10. Chapter 10Accounting for Liabilities

  11. Chapter 11Stockholders’ Equity

  12. Chapter 12Statement of Cash Flows

  13. Chapter 13Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements

  14. Chapter 14Overview of Managerial Accounting

  15. Chapter 15Managerial Accounting Concepts and Cost Flows

  16. Chapter 16Cost Accounting Systems: Job Order Costing

  17. Chapter 17Cost Accounting Systems: Process Costing

  18. Chapter 18Activity-Based Costing

  19. Chapter 19Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships

  20. Chapter 20Variable Costing: A Tool for Decision Making

  21. Chapter 21Relevant Costs and Short-Term Decision Making

  22. Chapter 22Planning and Budgeting

  23. Chapter 23Standard Costing and Variance Analysis

  24. Chapter 24Flexible Budgets, Segment Reporting, and Performance Analysis

  25. Chapter 25Capital Budgeting

  26. Chapter AETVMAppendix E Accounting and the Time Value of Money

  27. Chapter AFDATAppendix F Data Analytics and Blockchain Technology