Financial Markets & Institutions 13th Edition

Financial Markets & Institutions (13th Edition)

Financial Markets & Institutions (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition

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  1. Chapter 1Role of Financial Markets and Institutions

  2. Chapter 2Determination of Interest Rates

  3. Chapter 3Structure of Interest Rates

  4. Chapter 4Functions of the Fed

  5. Chapter 5Monetary Policy

  6. Chapter 6Money Markets

  7. Chapter 7Bond Markets

  8. Chapter 8Bond Valuation and Risk

  9. Chapter 9Mortgage Markets

  10. Chapter 10Stock Offerings and Investor Monitoring

  11. Chapter 11Stock Valuation and Risk

  12. Chapter 11AAppendix 11: The Link between Accounting and Stock Valuation

  13. Chapter 12Market Microstructure and Strategies

  14. Chapter 13Financial Futures Markets

  15. Chapter 14Options Markets

  16. Chapter 15Swap Markets

  17. Chapter 16Foreign Exchange Derivative Markets

  18. Chapter 17Commercial Bank Operations

  19. Chapter 18Bank Regulation

  20. Chapter 19Bank Management

  21. Chapter 20Bank Performance

  22. Chapter 21Thrift Operations

  23. Chapter 22Finance Company Operations

  24. Chapter 23Mutual Fund Operations

  25. Chapter 24Securities Operations

  26. Chapter 25Insurance Operations

  27. Chapter 26Pension Fund Operations

  28. Chapter AAAppendix A: Comprehensive Project