Horngren's Accounting 12th Edition

Horngren's Accounting (12th Edition)

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Horngren's Accounting (12th Edition)

Book Edition12th Edition
Author(s)Miller-Nobles, Mattison, Matsumura
PublisherPearson Higher Education

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  1. Chapter 1Accounting and the Business Environment

  2. Chapter 2Recording Business Transactions

  3. Chapter 3The Adjusting Process

  4. Chapter 4Completing the Accounting Cycle

  5. Chapter 5Merchandising Operations

  6. Chapter 6Merchandise Inventory

  7. Chapter 7Accounting Information Systems

  8. Chapter 8Internal Control and Cash

  9. Chapter 9Receivables

  10. Chapter 10Plant Assets, Natural, Resources, and Intangibles

  11. Chapter 11Current Liabilities and Payroll

  12. Chapter 12Partnerships

  13. Chapter 13Corporations

  14. Chapter 14Long-Term Liabilities

  15. Chapter 15Investments

  16. Chapter 16The Statement of Cash Flows

  17. Chapter 17Financial Statement Analysis

  18. Chapter 18Introduction to Managerial Accounting

  19. Chapter 19Job Order Costing

  20. Chapter 20Process Costing

  21. Chapter 21Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

  22. Chapter 22Master Budgets

  23. Chapter 23Flexible Budgets and Standard Cost Systems

  24. Chapter 24Cost Allocation and Responsibility Accounting

  25. Chapter 25Short-Term Business Decisions

  26. Chapter 26Capital Investment Decisions