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Hospitality Industry Managerial Accounting 8th Edition

Hospitality Industry Managerial Accounting (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
PublisherEduc. Inst. Of The American Hotel & Motel Assoc.

Chapter 1, End of Chapter, Review Questions, Exercise 1

Page 32

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Manufacturing firms are the industries that engage in the production and sale of products by using labor and technology.


  • The hospitality industry provides the supply of both goods such as food and beverages as well as services such as renting rooms.
  • Manufacturing firms are mostly engaged in the production and sale of goods.
  • The hospitality industry is exposed to seasonal factors whereas the manufacturing industry is not exposed to seasonal factors.

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The main difference between hospitality operations and manufacturing firms is that the hospitality industries deal with both goods and services whereas manufacturing firms deal with goods only.

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Page 32