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Chapter 3, End of Chapter, Chapter Summary by Learning Objectives, Exercise 1

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The idea of equal job opportunity is that no individual should be denied a chance to work at any organization because of the individual's gender, color, race, religious faith, birthplace, physical disability, or age.

Certain laws were created that disallow discrimination and promote equality. These are:

  • The C act was created to end discrimination based on slavery and to ensure that all individuals are equal citizens of the country and should be treated with equal respect.
  • The T act prohibited any employer from giving privileges to employees or selecting or deselecting a candidate based on the grounds of religion, color, gender or race.
  • The E act was created to provide equal pay to men and women for an equal amount of work done.
  •  The L act is the law where any individual that feels that there is pay discrimination within the organization, should file a complaint within one hundred eighty to three hundred days.
  • The P act disallows any organization to treat women differently due to a woman's pregnancy or any such related condition.
  • The A act was created to protect the older population mostly above the age of forty years, from any kind of discrimination in the organization like employment opportunity, pay benefits, or training. 
  • The R act was created for individuals with any disability that are hired by government organizations or contractors that receive grants from the government.
  •  The Am act is created to protect educated and skilled individuals with some kind of disability, from any sort of discrimination at the workplace in activities like hiring, firing, or any perks.
  • The I act is created to protect individuals from any other foreign country from facing hiring or firing issues due to the country of birthplace. The law also disallows employers to ask for verification of individuals from only selected countries.
  • The U act is for the members of the military organization that gives the right to work in the civilian organizations after completion of military services.
  • The V act gives assurance to the veterans of V war, to get employment and protect the veterans from facing any discrimination in the organization.
  • The G act is applicable to current employees, former employees, or applying candidates from misuse of the genetic information provided during employment and any discrimination based on that information. 

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Employment through equal chance is the idea to provide job opportunities to all individuals regardless of any criteria of discrimination.


The laws promoting equal job opportunity are:

  • C act
  • T act
  • E act
  • L act
  • P act
  • A act
  • R act
  • Am act
  • I act
  • U act
  • V act
  • G act
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