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Chapter 4, End of Chapter, Chapter Summary by Learning Objectives, Exercise 1

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Human resources personnel are the managers that are responsible for recruiting, training, and promoting employees. HR is closest to employees due to working closely with employees. HR can help the business in each and every aspect as they know the employees' strengths and weaknesses.

The following can be ways HR can help in four important processes in the organization:

  • Formulating Mission statement- Mission statement involves the purpose for which an organization is established, it also reflects the values of an organization. Hr can prove great partners in this process as HR will be the first to put that mission into action by hiring a suitable workforce and making sure the actions of employees are in line with the mission statement and toward achieving certain goals.
  • SWOT analysis- Analysing the organization's strength and weakness cannot be done without analyzing the workforce's strength and weakness, here HR plays an important role as HR knows the strengths and weaknesses of employees and based on which the opportunities can be analyzed and threats can be tackled in the environment. For instance, If the company gets an opportunity to merge with another company HR can help in analyzing which strength of workforce will benefit this merger and which talent is similar to that of the company that is merged.  
  • Setting objective- Objectives are the goals that a company is required to achieve in long term or in short term. These goals should be realistic, it should not be too high or too low. To determine these goals HR can help to a great extent as these goals are determined based on the strengths and capabilities of the workforce. HR managers know exactly which employee is capable of doing which task and this ensures efficiency in determining goals and directing efforts to achieve them.
  • Formulating strategies- After objectives are formed, strategies are to be developed to ensure that the organization achieves its goals. HR managers are highly involved in this process as they know which strategy will benefit the organization and which will not. HR managers are also responsible for providing training to the employees and motivating them to work in line with the organization's strategy and the efforts are directed directly to achieve those determined goals. 


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Human resource personnel has become an integral part of an organization. HR also helps an organization to develop stratic plans to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization.

Different processes of strategic planning might need a different kind of assistance from HR that can be explained as follows:

  • For the formulation of the mission statement, HR can assist the organization by helping in the determination of its core values.
  • In SWOT analysis HR can help in determining the strengths and weakness of the workforce along with which activity can prove to be beneficial for the company and which will not be beneficial.
  • HR can also assist in determining objectives as they are the ones close to employees.
  • Formulating strategies must involve HR as HR can help in selecting a better strategy that is suitable for business.
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