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Chapter 6, End of Chapter, Questions for Review, Exercise 6-1

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The selection process comprises of the following phases:

  • Preliminary screening: This phase helps in eliminating a bunch of candidates whose qualifications do not match the requirements of the job. This phase helps in deciding on whether or not a candidate will proceed to further phases of the selection process.
  • Review of applications and resumes: In this phase, a candidate's recruitment application, resume, and so on can be checked for verifying the required qualifications for the job. Many a times, a few recruiters also ask a few questions from the candidates to verify their qualifications.
  • Selection tests: The candidates are made to sit for tests such as aptitude tests, psychometric tests, and so on. The tests help in evaluating the candidate on practical knowledge and how they might perform during the job.
  • Employment interviews: An interview is conducted by the management to further verify the qualifications of the candidates. Various aspects such as a candidate's confidence, practical knowledge, and so on in the interview process by asking questions.
  • Pre-employment screening: A candidate's qualification, resume and other documents are verified at this stage. The past information is checked to avoid any fraudulent activity in the future. The identity of a candidate needs to be properly checked.
  • Selection decision: The management is responsible for making the final hiring decision. The best candidate, out of all the interviewed candidates, is selected by the management.

Sample Response

The following are the phases involved in the selection process:

  • Preliminary screening: It is checked whether a candidate meets the requirements of the job or not.
  • Review of applications and resumes: A candidate is tested by asking the candidate to appear for a brief test or a candidate's resume is looked at in detail for checking their eligibility for the job.
  • Selection tests: Various evaluation tests are conducted.
  • Employment interviews: A candidate is interviewed by an interviewer.
  • Pre-employment screening: The documents and other information submitted by a candidate is verified in the pre-employment screening.
  • Selection decision: The management of an organization selects the most suitable candidate for hiring.
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Page 173