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Human Resource Management 15th Edition

Human Resource Management (15th Edition)

Book Edition15th Edition
Author(s)Martocchio, Mondy
PublisherPearson Higher Education

Chapter 7, End of Chapter, Questions for Review, Exercise 7-1

Page 203


The process of managing the performances of various teams and individual employees of an organization toward the organizational goals in a goal-directed behavior called performance management. Every part of an organization is aligned to the performance management system as it ensures effective and efficient achievement of organizational goals.


Performance appraisal is the act of timely matching an individual's or team's performance on a set standard to find out effectiveness and efficiency of the work.

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Performance management is the process that ensures an organization's works smoothly and achieves the targets on time by maximizing the productivity of all employees.


The act of reviewing or evaluating an individual's or team's performance in a formal system on a standard is called performance appraisal.

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Page 203