Intermediate Accounting 2nd Edition

Intermediate Accounting (2nd Edition)

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Intermediate Accounting (2nd Edition)

Book Edition2nd Edition
Author(s)Gordon, Raedy
Alternate ISBN(s)9780134732145
PublisherPearson Higher Education

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  1. Chapter 1The Financial Reporting Environment

  2. Chapter 2Financial Reporting Theory

  3. Chapter 3Judgment and Applied Financial Accounting Research

  4. Chapter 4Review of the Accounting Cycle

  5. Chapter 5Statements of Net Income and Comprehensive Income

  6. Chapter 6Statement of Financial Position and Cash Flows and the Annual Report

  7. Chapter 7Accounting and the Time Value of Money

  8. Chapter 8Revenue Recognition

  9. Chapter 9Short- Term Operating Assets: Cash and Receivables

  10. Chapter 10Short-Term Operating Assets: Inventory

  11. Chapter 11Long-Term Operating Assets: Acquisition, Cost Allocation, and Derecognition

  12. Chapter 12Long-Term Operating Assets: Departures from Historical Cost

  13. Chapter 13Operating Liabilities and Contingencies

  14. Chapter 14Financing Liabilities

  15. Chapter 15Accounting for Stockholders' Equity

  16. Chapter 16Investments in Financial Assets

  17. Chapter 17Accounting for Income Taxes

  18. Chapter 18Accounting for Leases

  19. Chapter 19Accounting for Employee Compensation and Benefits

  20. Chapter 20Earnings Per Share

  21. Chapter 21Accounting Changes and Error Analysis

  22. Chapter 22The Statement of Cash Flows