Intro Stats 5th Edition

Intro Stats (5th Edition)

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Intro Stats (5th Edition)

Book Edition5th Edition
Alternate ISBN(s)9780134210285

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  1. Chapter 1Stats Starts Here

  2. Chapter 2Displaying and Describing Data

  3. Chapter 3Relationship Between Categorical Variables–Contingency Tables

  4. Chapter 4Understanding and Comparing Distributions

  5. Chapter 5The Standard Deviation as a Ruler and the Normal Model

  6. Chapter 6Scatterplots, Association, and Correlation

  7. Chapter 7Linear Regression

  8. Chapter 8Regression Wisdom

  9. Chapter 9Multiple Regression

  10. Chapter 10Sample Surveys

  11. Chapter 11Experiments and Observation Studies

  12. Chapter 12From Randomness to probability

  13. Chapter 13Sampling Distributuion Models and Confidence Intervals for Proportions

  14. Chapter 14Confidence Intervals for Means

  15. Chapter 15Testing Hypotheses

  16. Chapter 16More About Tests and Intervals

  17. Chapter 17Comparing Groups

  18. Chapter 18Paired Samples and Blocks

  19. Chapter 19Comparing Counts

  20. Chapter 20Interferences for Regression