Introduction to Health Care 4th Edition

Introduction to Health Care (4th Edition)

Introduction to Health Care (4th Edition)

Book Edition4th Edition
Author(s)Haroun, Mitchell
Alternate ISBN(s)9781305574779

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  1. Chapter 1Your Career in Health Care

  2. Chapter 2Current Health Care Systems and Trends

  3. Chapter 3Ethical and Legal Responsibilities

  4. Chapter 4Medical Terminology

  5. Chapter 5Medical Math

  6. Chapter 6Organization of the Human Body

  7. Chapter 7Structure and Function of the Human Body

  8. Chapter 8Growth and Development

  9. Chapter 9Body Mechanics

  10. Chapter 10Infection Control

  11. Chapter 11Environmental Safety

  12. Chapter 12Lifestyle Management

  13. Chapter 13Professionalism

  14. Chapter 14Lifelong Learning

  15. Chapter 15The Patient as an Individual

  16. Chapter 16The Communication Process

  17. Chapter 17Written Communication

  18. Chapter 18Computers and Technology in Health Care

  19. Chapter 19Documentation and Medical Records

  20. Chapter 20Physical Assessment

  21. Chapter 21Emergency Procedures

  22. Chapter 22Controlling Health Care Costs

  23. Chapter 23Performance Improvement and Customer Service

  24. Chapter 24Job Leads and the Resume

  25. Chapter 25Interview, Portfolio, and Application

  26. Chapter 26Successful Employment Strategies