Introduction to Managerial Accounting 8th Edition

Introduction to Managerial Accounting (8th Edition)

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Introduction to Managerial Accounting (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
Author(s)Brewer, Garrison, Noreen
Alternate ISBN(s)9781260190175

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  1. Chapter PManagerial Accounting: An Overview

  2. Chapter 1Managerial Accounting and Cost Concepts

  3. Chapter 2Job-Order Costing: Calculating Unit Product Costs

  4. Chapter 3Job-Order Costing: Cost Flows and External Reporting

  5. Chapter A3AAppendix 3A: Job-Order Costing A MIcrosoft Excel-Based

  6. Chapter 4Activity-Based Costing

  7. Chapter 5Process Costing

  8. Chapter 6Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships

  9. Chapter A6AAppendix 6A: Analyzing Mixed Costs

  10. Chapter 7Variable Costing and Segment Reporting: Tools for Management

  11. Chapter 8Master Budgeting

  12. Chapter 9Flexible Budgets, Standard Costs, and Variance Analysis

  13. Chapter A9AAppendix 9A: Predetermined Overhead Rates and Overhead Analysis in a Standard Costing System

  14. Chapter A9BAppendix 9B: Standard Cost Systems: A Financial Reporting Perspective Using Microsoft Excel

  15. Chapter 10Performance Measurement in Decentralized Organizations

  16. Chapter 11Differential Analysis: The Key to Decision Making

  17. Chapter 12Capital Budgeting Decisions

  18. Chapter A12AAppendix 12A: The Concept of Present Value

  19. Chapter 13Statement of Cash Flows

  20. Chapter A13AAppendix 13A: The Direct Method of Determining the Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities

  21. Chapter 14Financial Statement Analysis

  22. Chapter IEOIntegration Exercises: An Overview