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Introductory Statistics 1st Edition

Introductory Statistics (1st Edition)

Book Edition1st Edition
Author(s)Dean, Illowsk
Start of Chapter
Collaborative Exercise
Section 8.1: A Single Population Mean using the Normal Distribution
Section 8.2: A Single Population Mean using the Student t Distribution
Section 8.4: Confidence Interval (Home Costs)
Collect the Data
Describe the Confidence Interval
Use the Data to Construct Confidence Intervals
Section 8.5: Confidence Interval (Place of Birth)
Find the Confidence Interval and Error Bound
Describe the Confidence Interval
Section 8.6: Confidence Interval (Women's Heights)
End of Chapter

Chapter 8, Start of Chapter, Collaborative Exercise, Exercise 1

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$$mu-EBM=sample mean$$

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