Investigating Biology Laboratory Manual 9th Edition

Investigating Biology Laboratory Manual (9th Edition)

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Investigating Biology Laboratory Manual (9th Edition)

Book Edition9th Edition
Author(s)Morgan, Carter
PublisherPearson Higher Education

Course Hero-verified solutions and explanations

  1. Chapter 1Scientific Investigation

  2. Chapter 2Microscopes and Cells

  3. Chapter 3Diffusion and Osmosis

  4. Chapter 4Enzymes

  5. Chapter 5Cellular Respiration and Fermentation

  6. Chapter 6Photosynthesis

  7. Chapter 7Mitosis and Meiosis

  8. Chapter 8Mendelian Genetics I: Fast Plants

  9. Chapter 9Mendelian Genetics II: Drosophila

  10. Chapter 10Molecular Biology

  11. Chapter 11Population Genetics: The Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium

  12. Chapter 12Bacteriology

  13. Chapter 13Protists

  14. Chapter 14Plant Diversity I: Bryophytes (Nonvascular Plants) and Seedless Vascular Plants

  15. Chapter 15Plant Diversity II: Seed Plants

  16. Chapter 16Bioinformatics: Molecular Phylogeny of Plants

  17. Chapter 17The Kingdom Fungi

  18. Chapter 18Animal Diversity I: Porifera, Cnidaria, Platyhelminthes, Mollusca, and Annelida

  19. Chapter 19Animal Diversity I: Nematoda, Arthropoda, Echinodermata, and Chordata

  20. Chapter 20Plant Anatomy

  21. Chapter 21Plant Growth

  22. Chapter 22Vertebrate Anatomy I: The Skin and Digestive System

  23. Chapter 23Vertebrate Anatomy II: The Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

  24. Chapter 24Vertebrate Anatomy III: The Excretory, Reproductive, and Nervous Systems

  25. Chapter 25Animal Development

  26. Chapter 26Animal Behavior

  27. Chapter 27Ecology I: Terrestrial Ecology

  28. Chapter 28Ecology II: Computer Simulations of a Pond Ecosystem