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Invitation to Computer Science 8th Edition

Invitation to Computer Science (8th Edition)

Invitation to Computer Science (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
Author(s)Gersting, Schneider
SubjectComputer Science

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  1. Chapter 1An Introduction to Computer Science

  2. Chapter 2Algorithm Discovery and Design

  3. Chapter 3The Efficiency of Algorithms

  4. Chapter 4The Building Blocks: Binary Numbers, Boolean Logic, and Gates

  5. Chapter 5Computer Systems Organization

  6. Chapter 6An Introduction to System Software and Virtual Machines

  7. Chapter 7Computer Networks and Cloud Computing

  8. Chapter 8Information Security

  9. Chapter 9Introduction to High-Level Language Programming

  10. Chapter 10The Tower of Babel:Programming Languages

  11. Chapter 11Compilers and Language Translation

  12. Chapter 12Models of Computation

  13. Chapter 13Simulation and Modeling

  14. Chapter 14Ecommerce, Databases,and Data Science

  15. Chapter 15Artificial Intelligence

  16. Chapter 16Computer Graphics and Entertainment: Movies, Games,and Virtual Communities

  17. Chapter 17Making Decisions about Computers, Information,and Society