Managerial Economics 5th Edition

Managerial Economics (5th Edition)

Managerial Economics (5th Edition)

Book Edition5th Edition
Author(s)Froeb, McCann

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  1. Chapter 1Introduction: What This Book Is About

  2. Chapter 2The One Lessor of Business

  3. Chapter 3Benefits, Costs, and Decisions

  4. Chapter 4Extent (How Much) Decisions

  5. Chapter 5Investment Decisions: Look Ahead and Reason Back

  6. Chapter 6Simple Pricing

  7. Chapter 7Economies of Scale and Scope

  8. Chapter 8Understanding Markets and Industry Changes

  9. Chapter 9Market Structure and Long-Run Equilibrium

  10. Chapter 10Strategy: The Quest to Keep Profit from Eroding

  11. Chapter 11Foreign Exchange, Trade, and Bubbles

  12. Chapter 12More Realistic and Complex Pricing

  13. Chapter 14Indirect Price Discrimination

  14. Chapter 15Strategic Games

  15. Chapter 16Bargaining

  16. Chapter 17Making Decisions with Uncertainty

  17. Chapter 18Auctions

  18. Chapter 19The Problem of Adverse Selection

  19. Chapter 20The Problem of Moral Hazard

  20. Chapter 21Getting Employees to Work in the Firm's Best Interests

  21. Chapter 22Getting Divisions to Work in the Firm's Best Interests

  22. Chapter 23Managing Vertical Relationships