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Marketing 14th Edition

Marketing (14th Edition)

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Marketing (14th Edition)

Book Edition14th Edition
Author(s)Hartley, Kerin
Alternate ISBN(s)9781260157727
PublisherMcGraw-Hill, Inc.

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  1. Chapter 1Creating Customer Relationships and Value through Marketing

  2. Chapter 2Developing Successful Organizational Marketing Strategies

  3. Chapter 3Scanning the Marketing Environment

  4. Chapter 4Ethical and Social Responsibility for Sustainable Marketing

  5. Chapter 5Understanding Consumer Behavior

  6. Chapter 6Understanding Organizations as Customers

  7. Chapter 7Understanding and Reaching Global Consumers and Markets

  8. Chapter 8Marketing Research: From Customer Insights to Actions

  9. Chapter 9Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

  10. Chapter 10Developing New Products and Services

  11. Chapter 11Managing Successful Products, Services, and Brands

  12. Chapter 12Services Marketing

  13. Chapter 13Building the Price Foundation

  14. Chapter 14Arriving at the Final Price

  15. Chapter 15Managing Marketing Channels and Supply Chains

  16. Chapter 16Retailing and Wholesaling

  17. Chapter 17Integrated Marketing Communications and Direct Marketing

  18. Chapter 18Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations

  19. Chapter 19Using Social Media and Mobile Marketing to Connect with Consumers

  20. Chapter 20Personal Selling and Sales Management

  21. Chapter 21Implementing Interactive and Multichannel Marketing

  22. Chapter 22Putting It All Together: The Strategic Marketing Process