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Marketing: An Introduction 13th Edition

Marketing: An Introduction (13th Edition)

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Marketing: An Introduction (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
Author(s)Armstrong, Kotler
Alternate ISBN(s)9780134132198
PublisherPearson Higher Education

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  1. Chapter 1Marketing Creating Customer Value and Engagement

  2. Chapter 2Company and Marketing Strategy Partnering to Build Customer Engagement, Value, and Relationships

  3. Chapter 3Analyzing the Marketing Environment

  4. Chapter 4Managing Marketing Information to Gain Customer Insights

  5. Chapter 5Understanding Consumer and Business Buyer Behavior

  6. Chapter 6Customer Value-Driven Marketing Strategy Creating Value for Target Customers

  7. Chapter 7Products, Services, and Brands Building Customer Value

  8. Chapter 8Developing New Products and Managing the Product Life Cycle

  9. Chapter 9Pricing Understanding and Capturing Customer Value

  10. Chapter 10Marketing Channels Delivering Customer Value

  11. Chapter 11Retailing and Wholesaling

  12. Chapter 12Engaging Customers and Communicating Customer Value Advertising and Public Relations

  13. Chapter 13Personal Selling and Sales Promotion

  14. Chapter 14Direct, Online, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing

  15. Chapter 15The Global Marketplace

  16. Chapter 16Sustainable Marketing Social Responsibility and Ethics

  17. Chapter A1Company Cases

  18. Chapter A3Marketing by the Numbers