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Marketing: An Introduction 13th Edition

Marketing: An Introduction (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
Author(s)Armstrong, Kotler
PublisherPearson Higher Education
The Macroenvironment
Linking The Concepts
End Of Chapter
Critical Thinking Exercises
Online, Mobile, and Social Media Marketing
Marketing by the Numbers

Chapter 3, The Macroenvironment , Linking The Concepts , Exercise 01

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Demographic factors are studies of population factors like size,density, age,occupation etc. Demographic factors have a strong impact on the buying behavior of an individual.Take for an example, a customer belonging to generation Z is more likely to be aware about a technological product than a baby boomer or generation X.


Another example of changing demographic factors can be a change in family structure. The earlier generation had a strong belief in the concept of marriage. This has changed in recent times. The growth of single people or live-in relationships have impacted the buying behavior of such people. A family will certainly have different product needs from that of a single adult living independently.


The changes in the professional work arena has also influenced the buying behavior. Trends like work from home or remote working have given rise to sales in technological equipment as well as services like broadband.

Sample Response

Changing demographic factors have certainly changed the buying behaviour to an extent. Few examples are given below-

  • The rising population of generation Z has resulted in a huge increase in online shopping through e-commerce.
  • Decrease in the number of married couples has changed the strategies of marketers.
  • Increase in sales of technological equipment like PC, routers, smartphones etc.
  • More professional population means customers are more aware and alert about their rights.
  • Customers today use the internet and social media to know in depth details about a product before they decide to buy it.


For example, a youngster buying a smartphone watches a lot of videos from experts and influencers and considers a variety of phones from different companies before choosing one. It has happened because of the rise in technology. Social media and video sharing platforms have enabled consumers to increase their awareness. This has changed the buying behavior of customers immensely.

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Page 80