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Marketing: The Core 8th Edition

Marketing: The Core (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
Author(s)Hartley, Kerin
PublisherMcGraw-Hill, Inc.
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Chapter 14, End of Chapter, BUILDING YOUR MARKETING PLAN, Exercise 1

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Online customer experience is an important feature that increases the intention of the buyer to make a purchase decision. Moreover, there are seven website design elements used to design a unique customer experience which can be stated as follows: 

  • Context-This refers to website design and layout which creates the first impression of the website. In the case of beauty products, aesthetic appeal is necessary. For example- celebrity sources. While in the case of functional products functional benefits play a role, for example, makes work 50% faster.
  • Content- The message and other pictures on the website are generally designed to disclose all the information. The more information provided, the more chances of customer engagement and purchase.
  • Customization- It is a feature where customers can tailor-made the products. It increases customer traffic and engagement as the assortment becomes huge.
  • Connection- The connection refers to links with other sites like faster checkouts which increases the chance of purchase due to a convenient navigation facility.
  • Communication- Two-way communication while shopping engages the customer with the retailer. Real-time communication gains trust thus helps in creating greater value during purchase.
  • Community-The real-time chat rooms with other potential buyers increase the trust of the consumers. Thus, it helps to create customer value.
  • Commerce- The fast payment and transaction feature makes the customer believe that it is the convenience that makes them feel superior by decreasing the perceived risk.

Sample Response

There are seven website design elements that companies use to create an online customer experience and each can be stated as follows: 

  • Context- It refers to a website's layout and design which creates its first-hand image. The use of aesthetic appeal in the case of cosmetics goods and functional in the case of functional products increases the chances of their purchase decision. An ideal business should focus on its product category and choose the related appeal, design, and layout in order to influence its target audience in its website's context.
  • Content- The digital information available about a product's features increases its involvement. Thus, this increases the chance of asking for more information. An ideal business should focus on creating simple, attractive, informative, precise, and relevant content for its products with the aim of engaging its customers. 
  • Customization- The customization feature differentiates the online retailer and hence customers become more engaged due to the availability of a wide assortment catering to an individual's taste and preferences. An ideal website should have a feature of customization so as to enhance the form utility of the product.
  • Connection- The connection with other sites increases mobility, which in turn, makes the user experience better. An ideal website should focus on connecting its links with other related websites and influencers of the business it is conducting.
  • Communication- Real-time communication between the user and retailer creates superior value as the consumers can connect more with the buyer. An ideal website should have contact or pop-up option which makes the buyer connect and communicate easily and quickly with the seller.
  • Community- The user to the user community information sharing can help to increase trust. Thus, creates superior value. An ideal website should have a column of customer feedback and critiques to enable its viewers to build a community of its users that uses the products of a business. 
  • Commerce- The easy method of the transaction without any stoppage, makes it convenient for the shopper to create a fast checkout experience. An ideal website should not only make the payments of a product hassle-free but also have an option of tracking up the package which is yet to be delivered. 
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Page 397