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Marketing: The Core 8th Edition

Marketing: The Core (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
Author(s)Hartley, Kerin
PublisherMcGraw-Hill, Inc.
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Chapter 17, End of Chapter, APPLYING MARKETING KNOWLEDGE, Exercise 2

Page 481

Here is a tip:

 Online advertising campaigns serve the aim of educating customers online and persuading them to purchase a product or service.


Brand managers can promote and create awareness of its products, service, or brand among the customers with the help of App F's business pages.

To create ads and attract male college students, a company/person can: 

  • Create the page exclusively for men
  • Use creative manly photos, videos, and links
  • Update the sports news on the wall.
  • Exclusive offers for the products are recommended.

The main challenge is to make a user-friendly website and attract loyal customers. When the college men see the products on the business page of App F and if the product matches with the interest of the customer, they may visit the website and make the purchase.

Sample Response

The college men are mostly attracted to:

  • Dark colors.
  • Light and casual wear.
  • Shoes and boots rather than slippers.

These likes and interests can help to plan the App F ad strategy accordingly.

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Page 481