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Marketing: The Core 8th Edition

Marketing: The Core (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
Author(s)Hartley, Kerin
PublisherMcGraw-Hill, Inc.
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Chapter 4, End of Chapter, APPLYING MARKETING KNOWLEDGE, Exercise 1

Page 122


An individual may consider the following attributes to know whether he or she is getting the worth or value of the amount paid by him or her for the smartphone:

  • Phone display: It may be a top-notch attribute of a smartphone that an individual should consider as a bigger phone display, higher the usage of battery and power. 
  • Battery life: The phone is considered to be good when its battery capacity is also good. The smooth working of various applications of the phone may be possible with a higher capacity. Therefore, the battery is the most critical and important aspect of a smartphone that an individual should consider.    
  • Audio Quality: The smartphone must have a good volume capacity speaker, luxurious audio player, and sound recording ability.     
  • Text Messaging: An individual may consider text messaging an easy way to communicate. Therefore, a smartphone must contain a text messaging facility.
  • Web Capability: The mobile may provide a facility to access various mobile data networks with high-speed connections.
  • Camera Quality: An individual might also consider a phone's camera quality as the camera may affect the resolution and ability to capture the video.


Nowadays, individuals store large amounts of data on their smartphones. Therefore, they may also expect a phone to have a good storage capacity. They may also want a multitasking operating system and user-friendly interface.


Smartphone X may be preferred because of its operating system, user interface, status symbol, and overall user ratings. Smartphone X has a good quality operating system that allows a smooth user interface. It also provides a degree of prestige due to its high price and brand image. It also has the best ratings among the given five brands of smartphones.  

Sample Response

Attributes that may be considered important for a smartphone are the price, phone display, battery life, audio quality, text messaging, web capability, and camera quality. 


Other attributes that may be taken into consideration outside of the given figure are storage, operating system, and user interface. 


Smartphone X may be preferred because of its ratings in terms of the operating system, user interface, and prestige.

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Page 122