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Marketing: The Core 8th Edition

Marketing: The Core (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
Author(s)Hartley, Kerin
PublisherMcGraw-Hill, Inc.
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Chapter 5, End of Chapter, APPLYING MARKETING KNOWLEDGE, Exercise 1

Page 143

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Industrial firms, resellers, and government units have the following traits that differentiate them from each other:

  • Industrial firms: They constitute a majority of the organizational buyers. They transform an existing product or service by processing them into a new and better product or service and then sell it. For example,  buying flour to make biscuits.
  • Resellers: After industrial firms, resellers form the majority of organizational buyers. They consist of wholesalers or retailers. They purchase goods and then sell the same goods in the existing or identical state without transforming them in any way. For example, retailers buying a television from wholesalers and then selling the same to end customers. 
  • Government units: They are the minority among the organizational buyers. These government units at the central, district, or civic levels buy products and services in order to serve or help their citizens. For example, the construction or repair of a flyover comes under government buying. 
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Page 143