Mathematical Ideas 14th Edition

Mathematical Ideas (14th Edition)

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Mathematical Ideas (14th Edition)

Book Edition14th Edition
Author(s)Miller, Heeren, Hornsby, Heeren
Alternate ISBN(s)9780133865462
PublisherPearson Higher Education

Textbook Summary

The 14th Edition of Mathematical Ideas is the ideal textbook to bring mathematical concepts to Liberal Arts majors and others who will not be majoring in quantitative fields like math, science, and engineering. Combining the book with Mathematical Ideas (14th Edition) solutions allows students who aren’t the most math-savvy to learn the concepts they’ll need to pass college math requirements—all while giving them some real-world knowledge that’ll help along the way.

That real-world knowledge comes in the form of examples that relate both simple and complex math exercises to things you’ll need to know when math classes are long in the past. Mathematical Ideas (14th Edition) is also ideal for instructors who need help breaking down more advanced math techniques for less advanced students. The number of this edition is anything but unlucky for the students and instructors who use it.

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So you’re not a math major. But you still need math to live—and to get your degree—so learn faster and better with the Mathematical Ideas (14th Edition) solutions we have here. This textbook designed for liberal arts majors who need to take a math class covers many mathematical concepts in a way that relates to real life. Surely you’ve heard lots of jokes about a train leaving a station at such and such a speed at a certain time and another train from a different station miles away moving at a different speed. None of that here—though if you needed to solve such a problem, you’d be able to with a manual of Mathematical Ideas solutions and expert explanations from instructors and students.

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