Microbiology: Basic and Clinical Principles 1st Edition

Microbiology: Basic and Clinical Principles (1st Edition)

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Microbiology: Basic and Clinical Principles (1st Edition)

Book Edition1st Edition

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  1. Chapter 1Introduction to Microbiology

  2. Chapter 2Biochemistry Basics

  3. Chapter 3Introduction to Prokaryotic Cells

  4. Chapter 4Introduction to Eukaryotic Cells

  5. Chapter 5Genetics

  6. Chapter 6Viruses and Prions

  7. Chapter 7Fundamentals of Microbial Growth

  8. Chapter 8Microbial Metabolism

  9. Chapter 9Principles of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology

  10. Chapter 10Host-Microbe Interactions and Pathogenesis

  11. Chapter 11Innate Immunity

  12. Chapter 12Adaptive Immunity

  13. Chapter 13Immune System Disorders

  14. Chapter 14Vaccines and Biotechnology-Based Diagnostics and Therapeutics

  15. Chapter 15Antimicrobial Drugs

  16. Chapter 16Respiratory System Infections

  17. Chapter 17Skin and Eye Infections

  18. Chapter 18Nervous System Infections

  19. Chapter 19Digestive System Infections

  20. Chapter 20Urinary and Reproductive System Infections

  21. Chapter 21Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Infections