Microbiology: The Human Experience 1st Edition

Microbiology: The Human Experience (1st Edition)

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Microbiology: The Human Experience (1st Edition)

Book Edition1st Edition
Alternate ISBN(s)9780393149968, 9780393602579, 9780393906080, 9780393978582
PublisherW. W. Norton

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  1. Chapter 1Microbes Shape Our History

  2. Chapter 2Basic Concepts of Infectious Disease

  3. Chapter 3Observing Microbes

  4. Chapter 4Living Chemistry: From Atoms to Cells

  5. Chapter 5Cell Biology of Bacteria and Eukaryotes

  6. Chapter 6Bacterial Growth, Nutrition, and Differentiation

  7. Chapter 7Bacterial Metabolism

  8. Chapter 8Bacterial Genetics and Biotechnology

  9. Chapter 9Bacterial Genomes and Evolution

  10. Chapter 10Bacterial Diversity

  11. Chapter 11Eukaryotic Microbes and Invertebrate Infectious Agents

  12. Chapter 12Viruses

  13. Chapter 13Sterilization, Disinfection, and Antibiotic Therapy

  14. Chapter 14Normal Human Microbiota: A Delicate Balance of Power

  15. Chapter 15The Immune System: Inflammation and Innate Immunity

  16. Chapter 16The Immune System: Adaptive Immunity

  17. Chapter 17Immune Disorders, Tools and Vaccines

  18. Chapter 18Microbial Pathogenesis

  19. Chapter 19Infections of the Skin and Eye

  20. Chapter 20Infections of the Respiratory Tract

  21. Chapter 21Systemic Infections

  22. Chapter 22Infections of the Digestive System

  23. Chapter 23Infections of the Urinary and Reproductive Tracts

  24. Chapter 24Infections of the Central Nervous System

  25. Chapter 25Diagnostic Clinical Microbiology

  26. Chapter 26Epidemiology: Tracking Infectious Diseases

  27. Chapter 27Environmental and Food Microbiology