Microbiology by OpenStax 1st Edition

Microbiology by OpenStax (1st Edition)

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Microbiology by OpenStax (1st Edition)

Book Edition1st Edition
Author(s)Openstax Coll.
Alternate ISBN(s)9781506698113
PublisherOpenStax College

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  1. Chapter 1An Invisible World

  2. Chapter 2How We See the Invisible World

  3. Chapter 3The Cell

  4. Chapter 4Prokaryotic Diversity

  5. Chapter 5The Eukaryotes of Microbiology

  6. Chapter 6Acellular Pathogens

  7. Chapter 7Microbial Biochemistry

  8. Chapter 8Microbial Metabolism

  9. Chapter 9Microbial Growth

  10. Chapter 10Biochemistry of the Genome

  11. Chapter 11Mechanisms of Microbial Genetics

  12. Chapter 12Modern Applications of Microbial Genetics

  13. Chapter 13Control of Microbial Growth

  14. Chapter 14Antimicrobial Drugs

  15. Chapter 15Microbial Mechanisms of Pathogenicity

  16. Chapter 16Disease and Epidemiology

  17. Chapter 17Innate Nonspecific Host Defenses

  18. Chapter 18Adaptive Specific Host Defenses

  19. Chapter 19Diseases of the Immune System

  20. Chapter 20Laboratory Analysis of the Immune Response

  21. Chapter 21Skin and Eye Infections

  22. Chapter 22Respiratory System Infections

  23. Chapter 23Urogenital System Infections

  24. Chapter 24Digestive System Infections

  25. Chapter 25Circulatory and Lymphatic System Infections

  26. Chapter 26Nervous System Infections