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Organizational Behavior 18th Edition

Organizational Behavior (18th Edition)

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Organizational Behavior (18th Edition)

Book Edition18th Edition
Author(s)Judge, Robbins
PublisherPearson Higher Education

Textbook Summary

Used in both graduate and undergraduate courses, Organizational Behavior (18th Edition) answers questions about the field of organizational behavior by presenting the latest research and cutting-edge study.

The study of organizational behavior is, at its core, an academic examination of how people act within groups, but the applications in economics and business are myriad. The 18th Edition of Organizational Behavior uses the examination of business events to illuminate broader applications of the principles explored within, while engaging students’ critical thinking skills for an interactive learning experience.

Engaging language, thought-provoking exercises, and high-level subject matter expertise combine to create a comprehensive text, proving why the authors’ books have been translated into twenty languages and used throughout the world.

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