Seeing Through Statistics 4th Edition

Seeing Through Statistics (4th Edition)

Seeing Through Statistics (4th Edition)

Book Edition4th Edition

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  1. Chapter 1The Benefits and Risks of Using Statistics

  2. Chapter 2Reading the News

  3. Chapter 3Measurements, Mistakes, and Misunderstandings

  4. Chapter 4How to Get a Good Sample

  5. Chapter 5Experiments and Observational Studies

  6. Chapter 6Getting the Big Picture

  7. Chapter 7Summarizing and Displaying Measurement Data

  8. Chapter 8Bell-Shaped Curves and Other Shapes

  9. Chapter 9Plots, Graphs, and Pictures

  10. Chapter 10Relationships Between Measurement Variables

  11. Chapter 11Relationships Can Be Deceiving

  12. Chapter 12Relationships Between Categorical Variables

  13. Chapter 13Statistical Significance for 2 X 2 Tables

  14. Chapter 14Understanding Probability and Long-Term Expectations

  15. Chapter 15Understanding Uncertainty through Simulation

  16. Chapter 16Psychological Influences on Personal Probability

  17. Chapter 17When Intuition Differs from Relative Frequency

  18. Chapter 18Understanding the Economic News

  19. Chapter 19The Diversity of Samples from the Same Population

  20. Chapter 20Estimating Proportions with Confidence

  21. Chapter 21The Role of Confidence Intervals in Research

  22. Chapter 22Rejecting Chance—Testing Hypotheses in Research

  23. Chapter 23Hypothesis Testing— Examples and Case Studies

  24. Chapter 24Significance, Importance, and Undetected Differences

  25. Chapter 25Meta-Analysis: Resolving Inconsistencies across Studies

  26. Chapter 26Ethics in Statistical Studies