Statistics 11th Edition

Statistics (11th Edition)

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Statistics (11th Edition)

Book Edition11th Edition
Author(s)Witte, Witte
Alternate ISBN(s)9781119254515
SubjectStatistics and Probability

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  1. Chapter 1Introduction

  2. Chapter 2Describing Data with Tables and Graphs

  3. Chapter 3Describing Data With Averages

  4. Chapter 4Describing Variability

  5. Chapter 5Normal Distributions And Standard (z) Scores

  6. Chapter 6Describing Relationships: Correlation

  7. Chapter 7Regression

  8. Chapter 8Populations, Samples, And Probability

  9. Chapter 9Sampling Distribution Of The Mean

  10. Chapter 10Introduction To Hypothesis Testing: The Z Test

  11. Chapter 11More About Hypothesis Testing

  12. Chapter 12Estimation (confidence Intervals)

  13. Chapter 13T Test For One Sample

  14. Chapter 14T Test For Two Independent Samples

  15. Chapter 15T Test For Two Related Samples (repeated Measures)

  16. Chapter 16Analysis Of Variance (one Factor)

  17. Chapter 17Analysis Of Variance (Repeated Measures)

  18. Chapter 18Analysis Of Variance (Two Factors)

  19. Chapter 19Chi-sqaure (χ2) Test For Qualitative (Nominal) Data

  20. Chapter 20Test For Ranked (Ordinal) Data

  21. Chapter 21Postscript: Which Test?

  22. Chapter AAMath Review